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All Aboard Alliance

The Alliance for a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Maritime Industry


15 key pain points for women at sea

Interviews with 115 anonymous women seafarers from all ranks form the basis of a multi-year effort by the All Aboard Alliance to improve living- and working conditions for women at sea



The All Aboard Alliance brings together senior leaders from across the maritime industry, united by a collaborative drive towards increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in all organizations, at sea and onshore – in order for maritime to become the sustainable, forward-looking and innovative industry we can all be proud of. The All Aboard Alliance is supported by Founding Knowledge Partners: Global Maritime Forum, Diversity Study Group, and Swiss Re.

The challenge

The All Aboard Alliance has been established to focus on structural long-term challenges in the maritime industry, which can only be remedied through strategic collaboration and an immediate collective push for improvements on diversity, equity, and inclusion. The major challenges faced by the industry are:

  1. A global talent shortage
  2. Strong expectations from stakeholders to improve on overall diversity, equity, and inclusion
  3. The need for increased innovation to deal with the disruptions of decarbonization, digitalization, and automation.

The opportunity

To succeed in addressing the above listed challenges, the maritime industry needs to increasingly work together to retain existing talent, and not least of all, attract new talent. In order to achieve this, the All Aboard Alliance sets out to provide a strong platform for collaborative and ambitious action across the industry. With a strong community of action, industry leaders actively work together on making their companies – and the overall industry – more diverse, equitable, and inclusive now.

The All Aboard Alliance introduces a diversity, equity, and inclusion framework specifically designed for the maritime industry. Member companies are encouraged to implement the framework into internal policies, procedures, and leadership practices. To ensure collaborative learning and mutual accountability, member companies report on actions and progress on each principle every year.

The All Aboard Alliance is designed around five principles:

  1. Appoint a business sponsor to lead and ensure accountability of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization
  2. Equip and educate people to understand their role in fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace – from senior leaders through to line managers and team members
  3. Create and maintain an organizational culture of equity and belonging where everyone has equal opportunities to contribute and to thrive
  4. Capture relevant data and develop insights to evaluate progress and to evolve strategic objectives
  5. Communicate commitment and progress externally on an annual basis

All Aboard Alliance: The Alliance for a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Maritime Industry