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All Aboard Alliance

The Alliance for a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Maritime Industry


15 key pain points for women at sea

Interviews with 115 anonymous women seafarers from all ranks form the basis of a multi-year effort by the All Aboard Alliance to improve living- and working conditions for women at sea



The All Aboard Alliance Commitment

To have a sustainable, forward-looking, and innovative maritime industry we can all be proud of, we need to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout organizations across the sector both at sea and onshore.

By joining All Aboard – The Alliance for a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Maritime Industry, we are proud to announce our commitment to lead the transformation towards a more diverse, inclusive, and attractive maritime industry, ensuring equitable opportunities for everyone.
The maritime industry has discussed how to improve diversity and inclusion for decades, but with insufficient effect. As a member of the All Aboard Alliance, we believe that immediate collaborative steps are needed to move us from intent to impactful action – for all of our people at sea and on land.

The All Aboard Alliance sets out to prepare the maritime industry to deal with long-term challenges, which we believe can only be remedied through a strategic, immediate, and collective push for improvements on diversity, equity, and inclusion. These major challenges we as an industry face are:

  • Global talent shortage clearly affecting our talent retention and attraction
  • Strong expectations from stakeholders towards us improving on diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Need for increased innovation to deal with the disruptions of decarbonization, digitalization, and automation, necessitating access to diverse skills and perspectives in all organizations and leadership teams involved in problem solving and decision making.

We recognize that the time to act is now. Thus, we as signatory commit to:

  • Implement the five All Aboard principles into our internal policies, procedures, and leadership practices and report on annual progress on each principle to ensure mutual accountability.
  • Engage in the community of action established by the All Aboard Alliance to collectively identify and address industry diversity challenges and develop strategies to address them.
  • Communicate the importance and opportunities of diversity, equity, and inclusion and push for the overall transformation of the industry by encouraging more companies across the whole value chain to get involved.

These commitments are made to ensure that the All Aboard Alliance is strategic, practical, and effective, and offers significant benefits to us as member companies, to our employees, and to the global maritime industry.