Taking the lead

The Global Maritime Forum’s 2019 Annual Summit took place in Singapore on 30-31 October. The meeting convened the leaders from across the maritime spectrum who have the will to address the burning issues facing the maritime industry.

Videos from the 2019 Annual Summit in Singapore

Official Annual Summit 2019 video

What is the Annual Summit and how does it work? Participants from our Summit in Singapore share their experiences.

Global Maritime Forum's Annual Summit 2019

Snaphots with participants and experts

During the two days over which the Annual Summit unfolded, leaders and experts, both form inside and outside the industry, shared their thoughts on how to make global seaborne trade safe, clean, inclusive and efficient. We gathered their insights into four videos on the respective issue areas. All four videos as well as individual snapshots can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Decarbonizing shipping: Annual Summit 2019

Plenary sessions

For those interested in finding out what the participants discussed at the Annual Summit in Singapore, or those wishing to refresh their memories and to find that particularly interesting point raised during the plenaries, all plenary session of the 2018 Annual Summit were caught on tape and can be found on our YouTube channel.

Leading the way: The decarbonization challenge

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