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What are the industry's most pressing challenges and opportunities according to leaders from the entire maritime spectrum? Learn more in our reports from previous Forums.

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    Shipping’s energy transition: strategic opportunities in Mexico

    The P4G-Getting to Zero Coalition report “Shipping’s energy transition: strategic opportunities in Mexico” explores the potential for Mexico to accelerate and to benefit from international maritime decarbonization. The report finds that Mexico has the potential to establish itself as a global leader within maritime decarbonization by engaging in green fuel production and bunkering. However, doing so will require quick and strategic action.


    Shipping’s Energy Transition: Strategic Opportunities in South Africa

    The P4G-Getting to Zero Coalition report “Shipping’s energy transition: strategic opportunities in South Africa” explores the potential for South Africa to benefit from international maritime decarbonization. The report finds that South Africa, with its strong maritime connections and large renewable potential, has several promising business opportunities that could spur growth and a just transition, while accelerating decarbonization within and outside the maritime sector.


    Green Corridors – The Spanish Opportunity

    This discussion paper, developed by the Global Maritime Forum (GMF) and the Energy Transition Commission (ETC), in collaboration with the United Kingdom’s COP26 Presidency and the British Embassy in Madrid, looks at the promising conditions for the implementation of the Clydebank Declaration, and some important considerations before taking the next steps. It was presented on 30 March as during a workshop on green shipping corridors held at the British Embassy in Madrid and attended by both industry and the public sector representatives.


    Mapping of zero emission pilots and demonstration projects

    The third edition of the Mapping of Zero Emission Pilots and Demonstration Projects for the maritime industry showcases global action from across the value chain, and increased efforts focusing on ship technologies, fuel production, as well as bunkering and infrastructure. Pilots and demonstration projects are essential to accelerate the shipping industry’s energy transition, and the third edition illustrates how key parts of the value chain are collaborating on the development and implementation of zero-emission technologies.


    Closing the Gap

    “Closing the Gap“ is the title of a Getting to Zero Coalition report, outlining policy measures that could close the competitiveness gap between fossil fuels and zero-emission alternatives in shipping as well as enable an equitable transition. The report has been prepared by UMAS for the Getting to Zero Coalition – a partnership between the Global Maritime Forum, Friends of Ocean Action, and the World Economic Forum.


    Reaching the tipping point

    Combining virtual and in-person ways of meeting, the Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit 2021 convened 200 decision-makers from across the maritime spectrum to explore shared challenges and opportunities. The Annual Summit 2021 report summarizes their discussions.


    Poseidon Principles Annual Disclosure Report 2021

    This is the second time the Signatories to the Poseidon Principles for Financial Institutions are reporting the climate alignment score of their ship finance portfolios, persisting in their efforts to increase transparency and promote the decarbonization of shipping.


    Indonesia: fuelling the future of shipping

    A P4G Getting to Zero Coalition Partnership study by Ricardo finds that Indonesia’s location, economic development, and vast renewable energy sources make it well suited to produce green maritime fuel.


    The Next Wave: Green Corridors

    A new Getting to Zero Coalition report explores the implementation of green shipping corridors as a means to decarbonise the shipping sector.


    Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2021

    The Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2021 explores major global issues in the maritime industry, and charts their impact, likelihood and preparedness in the coming decade. This year, the report also deep dives into different climate policies available in the maritime space and leaders’ perceptions of the policies’ efficacy.

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