All Aboard Alliance Insights 2023

June 20 2023

The All Aboard Alliance Insights 2023 is the first annual self-assessment on member company actions. 27 member companies have submitted how they strive towards diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organisations.

Actions are being benchmarked against the five Alliance principles that member companies commit to when joining;

  • appointing a business sponsor to lead DEI efforts;
  • educating employees on their role in fostering a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace;
  • creating and maintaining an organisational culture of equity and belonging; capturing relevant data to evaluate progress;
  • and externally communicating DEI commitment and progress.

The report shows encouraging signs that the member companies are working to address some of its well-known problems in this area.

The All Aboard Alliance Insights 2023 report is produced as a collaboration between the Global Maritime Forum and the Diversity Study Group, which is a Founding Knowledge Partner of the All Aboard Alliance.

Learn more in the All Aboard Alliance Insights 2023 report.

For further information or press queries, please reach out to Global Maritime Forum Head of Communications, Rasmus Nord Jørgensen on or +45 2168 0421.

About the All Aboard Alliance
The All Aboard Alliance brings together senior leaders from across the maritime industry, united by a collaborative drive towards increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in all organisations, at sea and onshore – in order for maritime to become the sustainable, forward-looking and innovative industry we can all be proud of. The All Aboard Alliance is supported by Founding Knowledge Partners: Global Maritime Forum, Diversity Study Group, and Swiss Re.

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