Braving rough seas

The Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit 2022 in New York took place at a time when the world and, as a consequence, the maritime industry are facing rough seas. The Annual Summit convened more than 200 decision-makers from across the maritime spectrum to explore shared challenges and opportunities.

December 07 2022

The dramatic events that have unfolded over the past few years have caused increasing uncertainty in the world; a global pandemic, the largest war in Europe since 1945, rising temperatures caused by climate change, severely disrupted supply chains. Though the long-term impact of these events on the world, the maritime industry, and the lives of people is unknown, it is likely to be significant.

Participants at the Global Maritime Forum Annual Summit in New York embraced a “can-do” attitude, worked collaboratively to better understand the changes happening in the world and devised concrete ways in which the maritime industry can brave the rough seas ahead to benefit global society.

Key cross-cutting themes from the discussions included:

  • How can company-level incentives be better aligned with societal needs?
  • How can the maritime industry increase engagement with outside stakeholders to tackle global challenges?
  • How can equity and fairness be ensured for all, both at sea and onshore?
  • How can the collective courage and willingness of the maritime industry be translated into actions that can help shape the future of the maritime industry?


Learn more in the Annual Summit report, Braving rough seas.