The new normal

A new report from the Danish Maritime Forum presents tangible ideas that have the potential to enable real progress on some of the most pressing issues in the maritime industry.

January 19 2017

How do we decarbonize shipping? How do we embrace new technologies? How do we deal with overcapacity? And how do we engage in a more meaningful dialogue with the public? These were some of the burning issues that were discussed at the Danish Maritime Forum, held in Copenhagen this past October. More than 200 key leaders from across the maritime industry convened to unleash the potential of the global maritime industry to increase long term economic development and human wellbeing.

The pressing issues that the participants chose to address and their proposed solutions can now be found in a summary report from the Danish Maritime Forum. Ideas that emerged from the discussions include the creation of a fund – financed entirely by the industry – to subsidize scrapping of older vessels, a levy on fuel to reduce carbon emissions, a “Maritime Valley” to boost innovation and risk-taking in the industry, just as the report points to the UN Sustainable Development Goals as an opportunity to engage with the global community in a meaningful way.

A number of key takeaways emerged from the Danish Maritime Forum:

  • The ongoing crisis – coupled with the forces of the disruption that the maritime industry is facing – is an opportunity for transformation
  • The maritime industry can learn from other industries in finding solutions to the challenges it is currently facing
  • The industry, regulators and other key stakeholders must work together, whether it is to bring forward workable solutions to protecting the environment or to ensure that free trade works as a positive force for everyone
  • The report also provides summaries of the keynotes, breakout sessions and plenary discussions that took place during the Forum.

The many new ideas that emerged from the Forum clearly illustrate the value of bringing together leaders from across the global maritime value chain with policymakers, opinion shapers and other important stakeholders in an engaging and collaborative setting. For the same reason efforts are now being made to build on the success of the Danish Maritime Forum to establish a global platform for collaboration.