Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2022

The Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2022 explores major global issues in the maritime industry, and charts their impact, likelihood and preparedness in the coming decade. This year, the report also deep dives into human sustainability, which encompasses dignity and respect for every human being within our organizations and across our supply chains. Human sustainability is achieved by adopting policies and practices that ensure human wellbeing and ethical practices.

September 20 2022

What impact will major global issues have on the maritime industry over the next 10 years? What is the likelihood of these issues occurring within the next 10 years? How prepared is the maritime industry to deal with them? The Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2022 seeks to explore these and other questions important to long-term decision making in the sector.

Key findings include:

  • Decarbonization and other environmental issues continue to rate high on expected impact and likelihood
  • Geopolitical tensions rise to the top positions as a result of the war in Ukraine
  • Fuel price increases are for the first time rated as the most likely issue in the survey
  • Workforce and skill shortages continue to be a concern the industry does not feel prepared for

The report is based on research among senior maritime leaders from around the world and commentary from other leaders and experts. It is produced in collaboration between the Global Maritime Forum, Marsh and International Union of Marine Insurance.

Download the Global Maritime Issues Monitor 2022 here.