Green Corridors – The Spanish Opportunity

The development of Green Corridors anchored in Spain is not only feasible but represents a significant industrial and economic opportunity for the country. Given what is known about the necessary building blocks for such corridors, Spain is well positioned to become a “first mover” nation and take on an even more significant role in the world of zero-emission shipping than the one it has in today’s fossil-fuelled sector.


May 04 2022

This discussion paper, developed by the Global Maritime Forum (GMF) and the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC), in collaboration with the United Kingdom’s COP26 Presidency and the British Embassy in Madrid, looks at the promising conditions for the implementation of the Clydebank Declaration, and some important considerations before taking the next steps.

It was presented on 30 March as during a workshop on green shipping corridors held at the British Embassy in Madrid and attended by both industry and the public sector representatives.

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