Reaching the tipping point

Combining virtual and in-person ways of meeting, the Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit 2021 convened 200 decision-makers from across the maritime spectrum to explore shared challenges and opportunities.

December 23 2021

Taking place in the lead-up to the key international climate negotiations at COP26 in Glasgow, the Annual Summit focused much attention on how the maritime sector can take the lead and set its own path towards decarbonization.

The drive to decarbonize is only one example of the societal demands for action and transparency the sector can expect in the coming years. Taxation, human rights, diversity, equity, and inclusion were other areas of focus during the hybrid meeting.

Key cross-cutting messages that emerged in the discussions included:

  • How can the maritime industry build on its growing, but mostly negative, media presence to raise its profile, for instance by increasing transparency and better demonstrating its positive contribution to society?
  • How can the maritime industry rethink its social contract to tackle systemic challenges such as decarbonizing seaborne transport and the welfare of seafarers?
  • How can the maritime industry increase its focus on human sustainability to attract the talent of the future and ensure that shipping’s energy transition is just and equitable?

Participants worked together in working groups to identify ways forward across these topics. The Annual Summit 2021 report summarizes their discussions.

Learn more by downloading the report.