Shaping the future of global seaborne trade

The Global Maritime Forum is an international not-for-profit organization committed to shaping the future of global seaborne trade to increase sustainable long-term economic development and human wellbeing.

The maritime industry is the lifeblood of the global economy and it is in a unique position to demonstrate leadership by bringing about positive change, both for the industry and for society.

Who we are

The Global Maritime Forum is founded on the idea that progress happens when people from all parts of a system – in this case the global maritime industry and its stakeholders who have the will and the influence to make positive change – come together to discuss challenges and work together on finding new solutions. We believe that this will lead to a brighter future not only for the industry, but for society as a whole.

Our mission
It is our objective to shape the future of global seaborne trade to increase sustainable long-term economic development and human wellbeing. To serve our mission, we  facilitate a wide variety of initiatives and convene key stakeholders at the Annual Summit.

Our initiatives
Delivering long-term impact requires ongoing engagement throughout the year. Hence, the Global Maritime Forum serves as a broader platform for dialogue and collaborative action. This may include working groups and exploratory workshops to address specific industry-wide issues, recommendations for action and the like. Learn more about some of our initiatives here.

Annual Summit
A primary vehicle of the Global Maritime Forum is the Annual Summit which brings together high-level leaders from across the maritime industry with policymakers, NGOs, experts and other influential decision-makers and opinion shapers to address global challenges that are particularly important to the maritime industry.

What makes us different
Our activities build on four key elements:

  • Cross-industry and multi-stakeholder. Complex systems cannot be transformed by any one stakeholder or individual. By carefully selecting and convening high-level leaders from all parts of the maritime value chain together with stakeholders such as regulators, policy makers, NGOs, intergovernmental institutions and academia, we create new opportunities for collaboration and problem-solving to tackle the most important issues that the industry is facing.
  • Collaborative and focused on effecting change. The ambition is that discussions give birth to decisions that make a real difference. We gather key stakeholders in an environment and process that is purposefully designed to lead to breakthrough solutions to complex problems. By facilitating co-creative processes that enable deep dialogue, critical reflection and creative thinking, we create the conditions for truly new solutions to emerge and for informed, collective action.
  • Inspiring and engaging. New perspectives – particularly from outside the industry – to highlight the long-term forces and changing conditions shaping the industry.
  • Truly global. The Annual Summit is hosted in key maritime hubs around the world on a rotational basis, thus building a global community dedicated to unleashing the potential of the global maritime industry.

Policy for distribution

In accordance with the objective of the foundation support is provided to bring leaders from all parts of the maritime value chain together with policy makers, NGOs, experts and other influential decision makers and opinion leaders from all over the world in a community to discuss common challenges and work together to develop new solutions and recommendations.

The Foundation supports projects that work to shape the future of global maritime trade in order to promote long-term, sustainable economic development and human wellbeing. Determining such support is derived from the criteria stated in the Articles of Association of the foundation.

The Global Maritime Forum do that by identifying, facilitating and supporting activities involving high level executives and leaders as well as young leaders from across the value chain of seaborne trade together with other key stakeholders for the purpose of developing and sharing new knowledge and essential issues on the global agenda, initiatives that help identify new solutions to benefit both society and industry, and collaborative projects and initiatives that can result in long-term impacts and sustainable changes. Global Maritime Forum does not support individual companies, or activities which have already been finalized.