Our privacy policy

Privacy policy

Global Maritime Forum uses information and data collected from the website, social media platforms, publicly available websites, partners, and its initiatives.

This would include:

  1. Contact information for partners and initiative participants, including name, email address, phone number, and company details;
  2. collected data from the website requesting contact or additional information from Global Maritime Forum, including name and email address;
  3. data regarding website or social media traffic flow through 3rd party sources, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, SalesForce, Google Analytics, Buffer, and Campaign Monitor is available for analytic purposes, but individual data is not sold by Global Maritime Forum;
  4. personal information obtained for recruitment and employment purposes;

Global Maritime Forum only shares and receives personal information with relevant  partners and initiative participants on an internal and confidential basis. Due to the international nature of the Foundation, this means that personal data enters third-countries outside of the EU.

If Global Maritime Forum wishes to use personal data in another context, consent must be given prior to any actions taken. Necessary measures will be taken if refusal or withdrawn consent occurs, and data will not be kept. Personal data will never be sold to a 3rd party or used for other purposes. Data that has been collected but is no longer relevant for its intended use will be removed. Individuals have the right to request and obtain a copy of their data from Global Maritime Forum.

Global Maritime Forum does not use cookies or trackers on the website for business or marketing incentives. The communication team at the Foundation uses Google Analytics, which uses cookies to monitor website traffic for general statistical analysis and to improve the friendliness and usability of its website. Users of the website are made aware of this use of cookies. Only the communication team at the Foundation has access to use data registered through the website and newletter via Campaign Monitor.

All current employees are accredited to access and use data registered in SalesForce. Accreditation to access and use data registered in SalesForce is granted to fulfill the purpose of the Global Maritime Forum Foundation, and data can only be accessed, used, or shared for this purpose. Members of the Board of Directors can receive the data necessary to fulfill their duties.

An email sent from the Global Maritime Forum Foundation includes the sender address in the email. Those who wish to receive additional information from the Foundation voluntarily sign up via the contact box and give consent to this collection of data. This data is only used for newsletter purposes. Information emails, such as the newsletter, include information on how to opt-out from receiving this type of emails.

Recruitment and Employment
Global Maritime Forum will only store personal information for the duration of the application process and for a maximum of one year after the process has ended. At which time, the personal information will be deleted. Such information is only accessible to those employees involved in the recruitment process.