Taking the lead

The Global Maritime Forum’s 2019 Annual Summit took place in Singapore on 30-31 October. The meeting convened the leaders from across the maritime spectrum who have the will to address the burning issues facing the maritime industry.

The maritime industry is the lifeblood of global trade, contributing to economic growth and human wellbeing across the globe. But the world is changing, and business as usual will not be a viable strategy to meet the challenges of the future.

Taking the lead

The globalized economy and the political institutions that underpin it are under pressure. This pressure is originating both from discontented populations in developed countries and from changing global dynamics caused by the rise of emerging economies.

The rapid deployment of digital technologies is transforming our societies and will have a profound impact on the way we do business and create value in the future.
In climate change, the world is facing an unprecedented man-made threat that will have far reaching consequences all around the globe.

Finally, new generations of young people are calling on companies to do more to address global challenges or risk being seen as unattractive both as a place of work and as a provider of goods and services.

Geopolitical upheaval, digitalization, climate change and new societal demands will bring transformative changes to the maritime industry. But the nature of these changes and their consequences for the profitability and sustainability of the maritime industry in economic, societal and environmental terms are not written in stone. Instead they will be shaped by the actions of leaders from across the maritime spectrum

This can happen through intentional and bold action tailored to transform the maritime industry in a way that responds to the challenges and opportunities of our time. Or it can happen as the unintended consequence of inaction, where outside forces are allowed to determine the future of the industry.

The Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit convenes the leaders from across the maritime spectrum who have the will to address the burning issues facing the maritime industry. Working together and building on the outcomes of the Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit in Hong Kong, we will develop solutions for a safe, clean, inclusive and efficient maritime industry – one that can unleash the potential of global seaborne trade and increase sustainable long-term economic development and human wellbeing.

Leading positive change

 “Singapore is honoured to host the Global Maritime Forum’s 2019 Annual Summit.  I look forward to welcoming key maritime leaders from around the world to discuss key emerging issues relating to the maritime industry. Together, we can look beyond our common challenges and turn them into opportunities for our industry and society as a whole.”

Quah Ley Hoon, Chief Executive, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

The Global Maritime Forum is founded on the idea that progress happens when people from all parts of a system – in this case the maritime stakeholders who have the will and the influence to make positive change – work together to discuss collective challenges and develop new solutions and recommendations for action.

The Annual Summit will convene high-level industry leaders with policymakers, experts, NGOs and other influential decision-makers and opinion shapers. Their task will be to share their ideas on the challenges facing the maritime industry and to explore how the global maritime industry can be an agent of positive change – for business and society.