Reaching the tipping point

Taking place in London between 27-28 October 2021, the Global Maritime Forum's Annual Summit will set the stage for two days of collaborative discussions on the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing the maritime sector today and in the future.

Reaching the tipping point

The time is now. Global leaders and citizens are calling for ambitious climate action to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. As attention to all parts of the world’s economy ramps up ahead of the international climate negotiations at COP26 this November, the maritime sector can take the lead and set its own path.

The drive to decarbonize is only one example of the societal demands for action and transparency the sector can expect in the coming years. Taxation, human rights, inclusion and diversity are other areas where change will be called for, requiring the sector to collaborate with a wide array of stakeholders to succeed.

Inaction brings with it its own risks. As a driving force of the global economy, the maritime sector plays an important role in the lives of the vast majority of people on the planet. This crucial role brings with it a responsibility to provide its services in a way that is sustainable and fair, and meets expectations of governments, investors, customers and citizens.

Bringing together top decision makers, thought leaders and experts from across the maritime spectrum and beyond, the Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit will explore these key challenges and opportunities. By sharing knowledge, learning from experts, and jointly developing solutions, we will identify ways in which the maritime sector can contribute to creating the future we want and need.

“The landscape has changed significantly since the last annual summit and I’m looking forward to welcoming decision-makers from around the world to London this October to celebrate the industry and map out the future of Maritime.
“With COP26 around the corner, I’m keen to see a clear message from industry that they are ready to work in partnership with governments to achieve the targets set out in the Paris Agreement.”
Robert Courts, Maritime Minister, United Kingdom