Green Corridors: Definitions and Approaches

A Discussion paper from the Global Maritime Forum

August 25 2022

Maritime Green Corridors have swiftly become recognized as one of the most important tools to aid industry and governments in the decarbonization of the maritime sector. Building on the initial conceptualization put forward in The Next Wave (Getting to Zero Coalition, 2021) and the signatories of the Clydebank Declaration (as initiated by the UK Government, 2021), and responding to multiple requests from industry and governments taking an interest in the concept, the paper considers emerging approaches to defining, initiating, and governing Maritime Green Corridors, and puts forward recommendations in each area. These recommendations attempt to reinforce the most effective and impactful approaches while acknowledging the need for flexibility.

By definitions, this paper means the first principles and terms of engagement being used to underpin action on Green Corridors. It takes the simple approach of examining how different actors are defining “Green” – in terms of types of impact and level of ambition – as well as how they define a “Corridor” in terms of operational scope and emphasis.

By initiating actions, this paper means the approaches taken to prioritizing different corridors, engaging stakeholders, assessing feasibility and requirements, and “route mapping” the corridor’s overall development. Because the eventual governance of Corridors can take multiple forms (see below), these initial actions can be emergent and (ideally) complementary efforts undertaken in parallel or in coordination with each other.

By implementation, this paper means the approaches taken to governing and managing the many actions needed to deliver a Maritime Green Corridor. While implementation of policies and deployment of technologies has yet to begin, some of the alternative approaches to governance and management can already be identified.

This discussion paper is not built on formal research, but reflects the ongoing conversations held by the Global Maritime Forum with its partners, interested governments and leading actors in emerging Corridors. Members of the Getting to Zero Coalition’s Global Green Corridors Advisory Group provided feedback and input to draft versions.

Read the full paper here.

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