Shaping the future of global seaborne trade

The Global Maritime Forum is an international not-for-profit organization committed to shaping the future of global seaborne trade to increase sustainable long-term economic development and human wellbeing.

At the Global Maritime Forum, we believe that positive change starts with ambitious and committed individuals. Join our team and help us shape the future of global seaborne trade.

With us you get

  • A chance to work in a rapidly growing international not-for-profit organisation with global partnerships and projects.
  • A professional, flexible, and friendly working environment.
  • An opportunity to join a truly international and inclusive team of purpose-driven people.
  • Insight into the mechanics of the global maritime industry, as well as cross-industry and multi-stakeholder collaboration, i.e., companies in energy or mining.

The Global Maritime Forum is a progressive organisation that values its employees’ growth, fosters an inclusive and supportive culture, and encourages a collaborative and innovative work environment.

We strive for a culture that includes

Continuous learning and growth:
In the Global Maritime Forum, we are determined to make a positive impact on the world. We value progress, innovation, and forward-thinking. We embrace change, take calculated risks, and push boundaries. This means there isn’t always a process for ‘how we usually do it’. Expect to sometimes be thrown in at the deep end without a life jacket. You will be expected to do your best, but someone will always be ready to pull you out if you get in trouble. We accept that by pushing boundaries and taking risks, there is always a chance of failure. We are driven by curiosity and committed to learning and growing both as individuals and as a collective. We believe in providing our people with opportunities and space for learning on the job.

An empowering and inclusive environment:
We encourage a culture of trust, delegation, and responsibility. We appreciate the importance of having autonomy to make decisions and feeling trusted, allowing for carrying out tasks in the way that works best for every individual. We support one another and try to cultivate an inclusive culture where diversity is cherished, and all voices are heard and valued. Trust is the foundation of our interactions, allowing us to delegate responsibilities and empower team members to take ownership.

Curiosity and collaboration:
We encourage asking questions, exploring new ideas, and engaging in meaningful discussions. The Global Maritime Forum values teamwork and cross-functional cooperation. We do not believe in a hierarchical top-down structure, nor insist on doing things “the way they’ve always been done”. We believe that open communication and collaboration are essential for driving quality and achieving objectives. Collaboration is the heart of our success, and we believe that working together magnifies our impact.

Join us and become a part of our dynamic and inclusive team. Together, we will continue to learn, grow, and do our best to make a meaningful difference in the world. Join us as we try to shape the world, one step at a time.

Please note that we do not accept unsolicited applications. All job vacancies will be posted here and on social media. For more information or to apply, please reach out to careers@globalmaritimeforum.org.

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