Breaking new ground

The Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit will take place in Hong Kong on 3-4 October 2018. This high-level meeting will convene leaders to discuss industry-wide, long-term challenges and opportunities.

The global maritime industry is facing a defining moment. Emerging digital technologies, new environmental demands and erosion of the global order stand to have a profound impact on the industry in the coming decade. How can maritime decision-makers work together to shape the future of the industry?

Breaking new ground

The Global Maritime Forum’s inaugural Annual Summit will convene some of the most influential leaders from across the maritime spectrum – those who have the drive and the influence to make change happen. Together, they will unpack the challenges facing the industry and develop tangible solutions to enhance the role and positive impact of the global maritime industry.

New platform-based business models could fundamentally transform traditional shipowning and the maritime supply chain. The rise of automation, AI, big data and other emerging technologies holds huge potential to revolutionize business operations and increase the industry’s positive impact on society, including the ability to improve environmental and safety performance and drive economic growth.

Governments have committed to reducing international shipping’s environmental impact. It has yet to be determined what will propel the industry forward in the not too distant future. Developing the fuels of the future will require an unprecedented level of collaboration across the industry and with a wide range of stakeholders.

Breaking new ground The merchant fleet has distributed goods and contributed to wealth creation around the world for centuries, and it is strongly committed to serving the world’s growing populations going forward. However, geopolitical tension and fears of new trade wars represent a real risk as world leaders seek to protect their populations from the dislocations that have occurred in our interconnected global economy.

The actions that leaders take now will have significant and longstanding implications for the industry as well as for society. The Annual Summit will discuss this new ground and how the industry can work together to explore possible responses and uncover new opportunities to unleash the potential of global seaborne trade and increase sustainable long-term economic development and human wellbeing.

Join us in shaping the future of global seaborne trade.