Platform for collaborative action

The Global Maritime Forum brings together decision-makers from across the maritime spectrum to work on initiatives that have real impact.

It is our ambition to build a community of leaders and a platform for collaboration to shape the future of global seaborne trade and to make positive change – for the industry and for society.

Our initiatives

Delivering long-term impact on key issues requires ongoing engagement throughout the year. In addition to the annual high-level meeting, the Forum organizes working groups and taskforces on specific issues, exploratory workshops to facilitate more detailed and focused discussions, reports to summarize key findings, recommendations for action and the like.

Based in particular on the deliberations at the Danish Maritime Forum in October 2016, the Global Maritime Forum is initially looking to explore the forces of disruption that stand to impact the global maritime industry in the medium to long term: Decarbonization, digital disruption and protectionism.

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