Braving rough seas

Taking place in New York City between 22-23 September 2022, the Global Maritime Forum's Annual Summit will set the stage for two days of collaborative discussions on the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing the maritime sector today and in the future.

Braving rough seas

Times are changing. This seems to be the only clear conclusion from the dramatic events that have been unfolding over the past 24 months: a global pandemic, the largest war in Europe since 1945, rising temperatures caused by climate change, severely disrupted supply chains. Though the longterm impact of these events on the world, the maritime industry, and the lives of people is unknown, it is likely to be significant.

It also raises fundamental questions:

  • Is the maritime industry on a path towards a more fragmented world, in which finding global solutions to global problems will be impossible? Or is the maritime industry on the cusp of a new international order that will better reflect the current world demographics and economic realities?
  • Will the renewed focus on energy security in light of the war in Ukraine lead to a doubling down on fossil fuels or will it accelerate the clean energy transition?
  • Could persistent supply chain problems lead to a fundamental shift in trading patterns and ultimately undermine economic globalization or can resiliency be enhanced while preserving the benefits of global trade?
  • Is the great resignation during COVID-19 a harbinger of a global talent crisis or will employers find ways of responding to changing values and aspirations to build the skilled and diverse workforce of the future?

The answers to these questions and their impact on the maritime industry are not given. They will depend on the actions taken by leaders, both individually and collectively.

The Global Maritime Forum’s Annual Summit will bring together top decision makers, thought leaders, and experts from across the maritime spectrum and beyond, to make sense of our rapidly changing world and what it means for the maritime industry. We will also work collectively to identify ways in which maritime stakeholders can take action to create the future we want and need.

“We are living in turbulent times with geopolitical conflicts, the continued impact of COVID-19, disruptions to supply chains, and an urgent need to accelerate the energy transition. Now more than ever, we need to come together as decision makers from across the global maritime spectrum and beyond to address these vital challenges facing the industry. I look forward to welcoming leaders from the entire value chain to New York in September to partake in the Global Maritime Forum Annual Summit.”

Jan Dieleman, President, Cargill Ocean Transportation and Chair of the Global Maritime Forum