What Now: From Ambition to Action

The 2023 Global Maritime Forum Annual Summit, to be held 17-19 October in Athens, will convene leading voices from across the maritime sector and beyond to find collaborative responses to the key opportunities and challenges that will shape the future of global seaborne trade.

What Now: From Ambition to Action

The world is going through profound changes that will impact all parts of human existence, including the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal domains.

The multitude of changes and their interconnectedness create a level of uncertainty that is in stark contrast to more stable historical periods of economic globalisation.

This is especially true for the maritime industry, which must navigate a number of challenges simultaneously, including geopolitical conflict, environmental degradation, the transformation of the energy system, the rise of AI and automation, and changing consumer behaviour.

These challenges also present opportunities. At the 2023 Global Maritime Forum Annual Summit, stakeholders from across the maritime value chain and beyond will come together to show the leadership and action that will allow us to move closer to our collective goals and ambitions despite the complexity of the issues we face.

This includes taking ambitious action on shipping decarbonisation, improving human sustainability and well-being both onshore and at sea, and responding to the changing geopolitical and economic realities of global trade.

Together, we will address key questions including:

  • What change drivers are impacting the shipping sector and its interactions with other global systems?
  • What are the key risks and opportunities emerging from the interconnectedness of such changes?
  • How do we work together to identify the blind spots that might derail collective action?

“The Global Maritime Forum Annual Summit will take place shortly after the IMO revises its greenhouse gas emissions strategy. The summit will provide an important opportunity to respond to MEPC 80 and determine how the maritime industry can best continue its decarbonisation journey. I look forward to hosting what I am sure will be fruitful and inspiring discussions in Athens.”

Jan Dieleman, President, Cargill Ocean Transportation and Chair of the Global Maritime Forum