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    Kasper Soegaard & Ian Wheeler

    Head of Research; Project Assistant, Global Maritime Forum

    Digitalization and data sharing: making the maritime industry, safer, cleaner and more efficient

    The necessary technologies exist but the maritime industry must find ways to overcome its competitive mindset and increase collaboration if it wants to fully realize the operational benefits of digitalization.


    Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry

    President, World Maritime University (WMU)

    Empowering women as leaders to secure a sustainable maritime industry

    Today, all oceans related activities, in particular the maritime industries, both seagoing and shore-based, are facing many challenges. To successfully meet all these needs there is a pressing demand for skilled workers and competent innovative leaders in all areas of marine activity. We are an in era of immense change and any institution or company that does not invite diversity and support the potential contribution and leadership of qualified women will be left behind.


    Johannah Christensen & Michael Parker

    MD, Head of Projects and Programmes, Global Maritime Forum, Global Industry Head of Shipping & Logistics, Citi

    Banks launch green charter to help shipping reduce its carbon footprint

    The Poseidon Principles are the world’s first sector-specific, self-governing climate alignment agreement amongst financial institutions.


    Dr Carlo Raucci

    Principal Consultant, UMAS

    Three pathways to shipping’s decarbonization

    The long-term solution to shipping’s decarbonization is to switch to ‘net’ zero carbon fuels. This transition will be driven forward by the economic performance of zero-emission vessels, environmental considerations, and the development and implementation of international regulations and policies.


    Elliott Gotkine

    Director of Communications , Windward

    Emerging technologies: on the cusp of the next maritime evolution

    The maritime industry can potentially become safer, cleaner, more secure and efficient. But it depends on whether leaders understand the risks and rewards that new technologies represent and adopt a new technological mindset.


    Jan Thisted, Peter Esmann & Jens Schiersing Thomsen

    Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

    How renewables can solve shipping’s need for climate friendly fuel

    A joint effort between companies within the maritime and wind turbine industry can create the solution that can supply the world fleet with a climate friendly marine fuel – a marine fuel which does not release any carbon dioxides, sulfur oxides or soot particles.


    Kasper Soegaard & Tina Maver

    Head of Research; Project Manager, Global Maritime Forum

    How to successfully collaborate with start-ups

    Start-ups can help the maritime industry foster innovation in the rapidly-evolving field of digital technologies – and enable its transformation.


    Mikael Lind, Robert Ward, Michael Bergmann, Sandra Haraldson

    Research Institutes of Sweden

    How to boost port call operations

    Research confirms that today’s port calls are increasingly inefficient. Cross-industry collaboration and data sharing has the potential to improve fleet and capacity utilization.


    Amy Jadesimi & Kasper Soegaard

    Managing Director at LADOL, Head of Research at Global Maritime Forum

    The maritime industry can unlock growth with Africa

    Africa has the potential to be the key growth market of the 21st century creating better lives for millions of Africans and helping drive global GDP. But unlocking growth with Africa requires overcoming key challenges including improving governance, reducing barriers to trade, creating jobs for a growing population and investing in infrastructure. The global maritime industry can play a role in addressing these challenges in cooperation with African partners. In this Insight piece we highlight some of the key opportunities and challenges of relevance to the maritime industry.


    Andrew Stephens & Nicole Rencoret

    Executive Director; Head of Communications and Development, Sustainable Shipping Initiative

    How to make the future of ship recycling more responsible

    Ship recycling is often viewed as harmful to workers and the environment. More transparency could be the key to making it more sustainable.

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