Mexico: fuelling the future of shipping

A P4G Getting to Zero Coalition Partnership study by Ricardo and Environmental Defense Fund has examined the domestic and international benefits of establishing a green shipping fuel hub in Mexican ports.

September 03 2021

Mexico’s potential for renewable energy generation, the location of its ports on busy shipping routes, and strong trading relations make it well suited as a zero-carbon shipping fuel hub. The production of green hydrogen-derived shipping fuels could help Mexico meet its decarbonization targets by catalyzing renewable energy generation supply chains, skills, and economies of scale, which support the wider adoption of new technologies.

The P4G Getting to Zero Coalition Partnership brings together Global Maritime Forum, World Economic Forum, Friends of Ocean Action, International Association of Ports and Harbors, Environmental Defense Fund, and University College London Energy Institute. The Partnership explores Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa to identify tangible business and investment opportunities in green energy projects that can propel maritime shipping’s decarbonization and contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth in developing and emerging economies.

Read the full report here or find the Spanish translation here.

NOTE: This report has been revised from its original publication to reflect corrections in shipping energy demand and subsequent investment potential for infrastructure to support 5% adoption of zero carbon vessel technologies by 2030.